OKX Exchange Launches Spot Copy Trading Feature

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Global crypto exchange OKX recently announced the expansion of their Copy Trading tool with the addition of Spot Copy Trading. This new feature allows users to automatically copy top traders’ strategies in real-time across over 120 spot trading pairs.


OKX has launched Spot Copy Trading, allowing users to copy top traders’ strategies in real-time across 120+ spot pairs.
This expands on their existing Copy Trading feature which was previously only available for perpetual contracts.
The new feature gives traders more opportunities and flexibility by accessing both spot and perpetual markets.
Lead traders can now earn up to 13% profit share for eligible copied trades in both markets.
Spot Copy Trading has unique features like one-way and hedge position modes and allowing lead traders to share trades exclusively with invited users.
Over 8,000 experienced lead traders are available to copy on the platform.
OKX ran competitions to identify top lead traders ahead of the Spot Copy Trading launch.

Previously, copy trading was only available on OKX for perpetual futures contracts. By expanding the feature to spot markets, traders now have vastly more opportunities to implement leading trading techniques. They can tap into both spot and perpetual liquidity, diversify across more assets, and explore a wider variety of strategies.

For traders interested in the stability and depth of spot markets, copy trading now presents an optimal solution.


As one of the only exchanges offering copy trading on spot pairs, OKX grants traders unique access to this  functionality.

The launch also benefits lead traders on the platform. They can now profit from replicated trades across both spot and perpetual markets, earning up to 13% profit share on eligible copied trades. With over 8,000 skilled lead traders on OKX, copy traders have no shortage of proven methods to choose from.

OKX Copy Trading enables lead traders to share trades exclusively with invited users, facilitating more personalized trading relationships. Its one-way and hedge position modes give traders added flexibility in their approach.

In the lead-up to the Spot Copy Trading launch, OKX ran various trading competitions to identify top-performing lead traders. Criteria like copier growth, profit and loss percentage growth, and win rate determined the winners who would become lead traders.

Opening up copy trading on OKX’s deep spot markets unlocks countless new opportunities for traders. They can now leverage proven strategies across both spot and perpetual pairs to diversify and maximize returns.

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